A Culinary Journey: Shaila’s Path from Public Service to Baking

MV+ News DeskDecember 2, 2023

In the city of Malé, where each day unfolds at its own pace, Shaila Aminath has crafted a unique narrative for herself—transitioning from a career in the government to the world of baking. Her business, known as homemade_by_shaila__, on instagram, is not just a bakery, but a journey of artistry and creativity.


From the Public Sector into the Culinary World

Having left school at the age of 16, Shaila ventured into the workforce, gaining valuable experience in government service. However, the desire for a more balanced life, coupled with a flair for creativity, led her to explore diverse avenues. Ultimately, baking emerged as the ideal outlet, allowing her to weave her artistic skills into a full-time endeavor.

Triumph Amid Challenges

One defining moment in Shaila's baking journey unfolded during Rainbow Ent.'s Mens Day order. Faced with challenges such as limited facilities and time constraints, she successfully crafted an impressive 41 cakes without compromising quality. This demanding experience, though challenging, left her with a profound sense of achievement, amplified by the positive feedback from contented customers.

Building Community Bonds

Within the culinary landscape of Malé, bakers have woven a closely-knit network that serves as both a safety net and a platform for collaboration. Shaila takes pride in being an integral part of this community, emphasising the friendship among bakers as they navigate challenges and celebrate shared successes.

From Tea Cakes to Culinary Diversity

Shaila's initial offerings centred around tea cakes, including the popular kanamadhu cake. To provide an expanded array of choices, she delved into experimenting with various recipes, involving family and friends as trusted critics and taste-testers. Today, her repertoire extends beyond cakes, encompassing cream puffs, eclairs, and cookies.

Signature Infusion

A standout creation in Shaila's repertoire is the Kashikeyo cake—a tea cake uniquely infused and caramelised to perfection. This distinctive flavour has become one of her best-selling items, adding a touch of tradition to her modern and diverse selection.

Navigating Culinary Challenges

Running a successful baking business comes with its set of challenges—financial, societal, and logistical. Shaila addresses these hurdles, acknowledging the difficulties in dealing with supply chains and the intricate task of transporting delicate cakes through the bustling streets of the capital.

Baking as an Art and Lifestyle

For Shaila, baking is not just a mere profession; it is an art form. She believes that those with a passion for creating art would find fulfillment in this demanding yet rewarding field. However, she emphasises the importance of meticulous organisation to strike a balance between the round-the-clock demands of baking and other facets of life.

In the heart of Malé, Shaila Aminath's Homemade by Shaila is more than a bakery, it is a narrative of passion and the harmonious blend of traditional flavours with contemporary creativity. Her journey stands as an inspiration for individuals daring to pursue their dreams, transforming them into a sweet and delectable reality.

Follow her here: https://www.instagram.com/homemade_by_shaila__/