Crafting Dreams with Resin: Artropics Maldives

MV+ News DeskJune 11, 2024

Resin art, with its mesmerising colours and textures, has captivated many. Few have mastered it as beautifully as Sadha, the founder of Artropics Maldives.


Artropics offers a variety of resin products, including key chains, pendants, trinket dishes, coasters, and many wedding-related items. Resin is the primary medium, but the brand also features personalised light stands, Libbey glass cups, baby keepsake frames, and home and nursery d├ęcor items.

Photos courtesy of Art Tropics Maldives.

The name "Artropics" is a homage to the Maldives' stunning natural beauty. "I have always been mesmerised by our beautiful beaches, waves, and shorelines. With resin, I was able to create something that captured this love," Sadha explains. "Art-Tropics stands for an artist from the tropical heaven we call the Maldives."

From Hobby to Passion

"I loved craftwork and creating art for as long as I can remember," Sadha shares. "Artropics started in late 2018 as a platform to showcase and sell some of the products I made as a hobby."

However, the real transformation began during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. "I started working with resin and completely fell in love with the medium," she says. What started as a pastime quickly evolved into a serious venture, with Artropics now specialising in resin-based products.

The transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur was gradual but rewarding. During the pandemic, online platforms allowed Sadha to connect with fellow artists, forming a supportive community. "Our followers and buyers grew with us online," she says.

A significant breakthrough came when Authentic Maldives by BCC approached Artropics to be a stockist for their products. " [I am] forever grateful for the opportunity they provided for small business owners like us."

The Creative Process

Resin art is as much about the journey as it is about the finished product. "Resin art is a form of self-expression that allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination," says Sadha. "Mixing colours, manipulating textures, and experimenting with different techniques can help you de-stress and feel a sense of accomplishment."

She notes that safety is a crucial part of the process, advising the use of gloves, a well-ventilated workspace, and following manufacturer instructions to the letter.

Photos courtesy of Art Tropics Maldives.

The process begins with carefully mixing resin and hardener, stirring thoroughly to ensure a seamless blend. "The creativity truly takes centre stage as pigments, dyes, or glitter are introduced, " she says. Once the artwork is complete, patience is key, as the resin cures over 24 to 48 hours.

The unpredictability of resin can be frustrating, especially when the final piece doesn't match the envisioned outcome. However, perseverance has its rewards. "It took me a while to get the hang of making beautiful wave art pieces that do justice to our natural surroundings."

For Sadha, resin art is more than a business; it's become a lifelong passion. "Creating art has become more than a hobby, and I plan to continue creating."