Dhiraagu Introduces Data Rollover on Home Fibre Broadband Packages

MV+November 3, 2021

Dhiraagu has introduced Data Rollover for its Home Fibre Broadband customers effective 1 November 2021. 


With the launch of Data Rollover, October month’s unused allowance on customers’ Home Fibre Broadband packages have been carried forward to November month’s allowance. Dhiraagu customers can now enjoy all the unused data, which will be carried forward to the following month for free. This will allow customers to do more without having to spend any additional cost to purchase extra data.  

With Dhiraagu Fibre Broadband, customers can also choose from a great variety of packages that offers bigger data allowances and higher speeds to enhance their digital experience. Dhiraagu high-speed Fibre Broadband service is now available to 80% of national households providing an unparalleled experience to communities in 65 islands across the country.  

Dhiraagu continues to enhance the digital experience of the Maldivian community by offering them exciting new offers along with the greater value. 

For more information: http://bit.ly/3GBUuxf