Five Must-Try Restaurants for a Memorable Iftar

MV+ News DeskMarch 31, 2024

As the sun sets, marking the end of a day of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, the anticipation of breaking fast (iftar) with a sumptuous meal is a cherished tradition for many. Here, we present the top 5 places for iftar, offering a blend of exquisite flavours and warm hospitality to make your Ramadan evenings truly memorable.


1. Blood Orange

Located in Maafanu nearby Gadi Buru, Blood Orange offers an iftar experience like no other. With a cozy ambiance that exudes elegance, the iftar menu boasts a delectable array of dishes, blending traditional flavours with modern twists. 

Photos: Blood Orange

From Blood Orange's Week 3 Iftar menu, patrons relished the tantalizing Addu havaadhu beef curry paired with a refreshing red cabbage salad, served alongside their choice of roshi or rice. Another delightful option is the grilled chicken accompanied by couscous, spicy hummus, baked chickpeas, green salad, onion pickle, and feta cheese, all meticulously prepared to satisfy discerning palates. 

With the last week of Ramadan upon us, Blood Orange’s week 4 menu is anticipated to be equally delightful. Priced at MVR230++, customers are requested to send a viber message to 7703333 and place bookings before 4pm.

2. Maagiri Hotel

Maagiri Hotel has unveiled its enticing Iftar menu exclusively crafted for Ramadan 2024. Guests can relish a selection of local favourites, including delightful short eats and various Mashuni variations, promising a unique culinary experience each day. The menu also features Indian specialties and continental dishes in main courses and desserts, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Photos: Maagiri

For those preferring lighter options, Maagiri Hotel offers refreshing fresh fruit juices and nourishing salads. Additionally, there are attractive offers such as one extra pax for every group booking of 10, complimentary dining for children below 5 years old, and a 50% discount for children aged 6-10. 

Priced between MVR350 to MVR 400, reservations and inquiries can be made through 3318484 / 7228484 or email at

3. Hotel Jen

At Hotel Jen, patrons are treated to a lavish iftar experience boasting an impressive array of culinary delights. The cold selection includes tantalizing options such as Tuna Mashuni, Kopee Faiy Mashuni, and Hummus with Pita Bread, complemented by Greek Salad, Aloo Chana Chaat, Marinated Olives, and more. Short eats feature classics like Bajiyaa and Egg Cutlets Aluvi Kaavaabu, while the under lamp section showcases Oven Roasted Strip Loin with Roasted Potato and Pepper Jus.

Live stations offer a choice of pasta, while Turkish Pide stands out among the delectable bread options. Soup lovers can enjoy Hungarian Beans and Mushroom Broth, while the main course is a feast for the senses.

Sunday and Wednesday feature delights like Masala Egg Curry and Shish Tawook, while Monday and Thursday offer Masala Scrambled Egg and Arabic Mixed Grill. Tuesday and Saturday bring flavours of Chicken Karahi and Beef Kofta, while Friday's menu includes Cheese Omelet and Mutton Rogan Josh.

Save room for dessert with tempting treats like Caramelized Banana with Ice cream and Date Cake. 

Photo: Hotel Jen

Children below six years dine complimentary, while those aged six to twelve enjoy a 50% discount on the buffet. All prices are in US Dollars and are inclusive of prevailing government taxes.

4. Ast Cafe

At Ast Cafe, the iftar spread promises a divine culinary journey. From Arugula Salad to Chicken Spring Rolls, Chili Lime Fish, and Oxtail Beef Stew, diners can indulge in a plethora of flavours. For dessert, the indulgent Brownies with Strawberries and Cream await. Quenching thirst with Pineapple Breeze or Horchata adds to the experience. From Chop Salad to Pulled Beef Sliders, the menu offers an array of choices to please every palate. Diners can top it off with Oreos and Cream or Banana Latchi for dessert, complemented by a zesty Limeade.

Priced at MVR 300 per person, the iftar experience at Ast Cafe continues with Lentil Salad, Pulled Beef Sandwich, Creamy Tomato Soup, and Salmon in Creamy Lemon Sauce, followed by Chicken in Sundried Tomato Sauce. Lemon Rice or CousCous accompanies these delectable dishes, with Key Lime Pie providing a heavenly conclusion. Refreshing options like Fruit Punch or Apple Mint Cooler are available to quench thirst.

Photo: Ast

With an extensive menu ranging from Apple Cranberry Salad to Beef and Broccoli, Ast Cafe ensures a feast to remember. Whether it's Cheesy Croquettes or Chicken Mushroom Gravy, each dish is crafted to tantalize taste buds. Guests can indulge in Peach Cobbler and refresh with Coconut Mojito or Grape and Lime, making the iftar experience truly refreshing.

5. Sauced Up By Lucies

Sauced Up by Lucies presents a diverse iftar menu for discerning diners, offering a variety of options throughout the week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, guests can enjoy Dates and Short Bites followed by a refreshing Green Salad. For Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday, the menu includes Dates, Short Bites, and Coleslaw Salad, while Mondays and Fridays feature Dates, Short Bites, and a refreshing Cobb Salad.

The mains showcase a blend of local and international flavours, with options like Baraboa Mashuni, Potato Curry, and Cajun Chicken, ensuring there's something for everyone. Accompaniments such as Roshi and a variety of rice dishes complement the mains perfectly.

Indulge your sweet tooth with decadent desserts like Chocolate Mousse, Custard Cake, and Mahlabia, followed by a refreshing assortment of fresh fruits. Quench your thirst with a choice of refreshing juices, including Watermelon Juice, Orange Juice, and Mango Juice.

For bookings and inquiries, contact Sauced Up by Lucies at 7904040. The iftar menu is priced at MVR 255 inclusive of GST and service charge, and bookings must be placed before 3 PM to secure your spot.

Photo: Sauced Up By Lucie's

In conclusion, these top 5 places for iftar promise to elevate your Ramadan dining experience with their exquisite flavours, warm hospitality, and inviting ambiance. Whether you're craving traditional favourites or seeking a modern twist on classic dishes, these restaurants offer something for everyone to savour and enjoy during this special time of year.