“Fragrance World” Now Available in Maldives

MV+ News DeskFebruary 12, 2024

Fragrance World, a Dubai-based perfume brand known for affordable yet high-quality products, is now available in the Maldives at Plaza Incense.


The store - which is situated on Rahdhebai Magu, Male City - recently secured sole distribution rights for Fragrance World and its associated brands, including Fragrance World itself, French Avenue, Essencia De Flores, and Athoor al Alam.

The popularity of Fragrance World has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2005, with the brand currently catering to thousands of customers across 80+ countries.

Fragrance World boasts a diverse portfolio of approximately 500 SKUs and 50 collections, ensuring an extensive selection to cater to various preferences. Among these collections, 'French Avenue,' subtly inspired by the charm of Paris, offers around 90 SKUs of luxurious fragrances. Simultaneously, 'Athoor Al Alam' combines Arabic and French influences in its scents, offering approximately 60 SKUs.

Plaza Incense is also the distributor for other renowned brands such as Rasasi, Rayhaan, Azha, Ahsan, Dicora, Pearlie White and Goli.

For businesses interested in wholesale purchases, Plaza Incense provides competitive rates and regular stock updates through its dedicated Viber community group, 'Plaza Bazaar.' Wholesale enquiries can be directed to Plaza Incense's Customer Service Hotline at 9778800.

Retail customers can explore and purchase these coveted fragrances through Plaza Maldives' Instagram page, offering a seamless shopping experience for fragrance enthusiasts across the Maldives.