Soft Moments with Fathmath Azleena

MV+ News DeskApril 17, 2024

Yesterday marked the opening of a captivating exhibition, "Soft Moments", created by the talented multimedia artist Fathmath Azleena. Nestled within Male’ City, the exhibition is being held from April 16th to May 12th at Gallery 350 in Male’ City.


"It is with great pleasure that I unveil my latest series," Azleena shares with anticipation. "I’ve been working on these pieces for 9 months, pouring my heart into every tuft of wool!”

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Reflecting on her journey, she revealed how the experience of pregnancy prompted a subtle yet significant transformation in her artistic process. "During pregnancy, I was precautious with paints as I felt nauseous of certain smells. So I laid my usual tools to rest and tried new ones, which led me to discover punch needling."


This serendipitous encounter with punch needling ignited a creative spark within Azleena, propelling her towards a captivating exploration of tactile mediums and sculptural elements. 

From punch needling to tufting, Azleena’s journey has been all about trying new things and discovering what she loves. "I’ve loved every step of this journey." she says.


Azleena’s artistic footprint extends beyond the shores of the Maldives, with her works gracing galleries internationally. 

A self-taught artist with a Diploma in Multimedia, she seamlessly weaves together elements of graphic design, illustration, and fine artistry into her work. Alongside her husband, she founded the art studio, Artyfingers, and has garnered acclaim for her murals adorning local businesses and communities.


Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of cultures and heritage worldwide, Azleena's work pulsates with vibrant hues and surrealistic allure, offering a tantalising glimpse into realms both familiar and fantastical.

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As "Soft Moments" unfurls its tapestry of emotions and experiences, Fathmath Azleena invites us to embrace the beauty of impermanence and the transformative power of creativity. With each stroke of her brush and every thread woven with care, she calls us to pause, reflect, and savour the fleeting yet profound moments that define our existence.