Unveiling Visions 2024 Art Exhibition Opens In Male’

MV+ News DeskJuly 9, 2024

On Monday night, the National Art Gallery in Malé opened its doors to showcase the seventh edition of “Unveiling Visions”, the largest annual art exhibition in the Maldives. Organised by the Maldivian Artist Community (MAC), this event highlights the talents of both emerging and established Maldivian artists.


The exhibition was officially opened by Chief Guest Hussain Niyaz, Ooredoo Maldives’ Chief Commercial Officer last night. Malé City Council Mayor Adam Azim, Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts Ali Amir and several senior government officials were also in attendance for the much-anticipated opening night.

Featuring 105 breathtaking pieces, the exhibition reflects the diverse and vibrant creativity of local artists. The displayed artworks include paintings, drawings, digital media, mixed media, sculptures, installations, and calligraphy. The curation was selected from over 200 submissions after a rigorous selection process, showcasing the best of Maldivian talent.

The artists, encompassing all age groups and hailing from different parts of the country, provide a rich tapestry of perspectives and styles. 

Speaking at the event, Amir highlighted the limited resources available to Maldivian artists to display their talents and announced an exciting new platform created by Ooredoo Maldives.

“There’s the work of 100 artists in this gallery. It is a very small space for such an exhibition. You can see how closely the artworks are displayed, with multiple artworks in one area on some walls. But the Maldivian Artist Community wanted to give the opportunity to as many artists as possible,” Amir said.

To address this problem, Ooredoo Maldives, who is also the title partner for the event, aims to offer an innovative solution to this problem by creating an online platform for artists to share and sell their work. 

“Ooredoo will unveil a digital art gallery platform. Any artist living anywhere in the Maldives can display their digital art, set a price, and sell it. Currently, the only way to earn through art is this art gallery in Malé. With the grace of God, our digital art gallery will be open 24 hours,” Chief guest Niyaz elaborated.

By partnering with ‘Unveiling Visions,’ Ooredoo Maldives demonstrates its commitment to supporting local culture and fostering a vibrant artistic community. The exhibition not only showcases artistic talent but also fosters networking and professional growth within the community.

‘Unveiling Visions’ has grown to become the most significant art exhibition in the Maldives, consistently providing a platform for artists to gain visibility and recognition. It celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Maldives and supports the development of the local art scene. The exhibition aims to provide artists with exposure and recognition while facilitating further opportunities through stakeholder connections.

This year’s event also introduced a new tradition by inviting artists to design the exhibition logo. The winning design by Mohamed Azim features an intricate visualisation of the iconic eye symbol, embodying the vision and creativity of Maldivian artists. Azim received a cash prize for his design at the event last night.

Running from 9th to 20th July at the National Art Gallery, the exhibition invites everyone to celebrate the creativity and talent of Maldivian artists.

The entrance fee is MVR 25 for locals and expatriates, and USD 2 for tourists. Students coming in with school uniforms are granted free entrance.