Miznaan, Certified Zumba and Personal Trainer

MV Plus | February 3, 2022

Miznaan is also known as Miz is a certified Zumba and personal trainer.
Miz was an athlete during her school days. She loves taking care of herself and taking care of her body. She got her international Zumba certification in India.

“It is essential to work out to maintain stable mental health. I have many clients who come here (gym) for their mental health.” Says Miz when asked about whether the gym is important for her personal life.

She says that there are challenges in group fitness. But Miz is proud to say that there is little to no difference for women and men when it comes to working at a gym.

“A man can’t achieve higher than women just because they are men. It’s a fun job”

Miz says that her clients inspire her.
“My oldest client is 59 years old. They don’t miss a single day of classes. Which makes me wonder how I would be like when I am that age. Even the trainers who come here are very inspiring.”

Miz encourages everyone to exercise and stay active in order to live a healthy lifestyle. “Don’t stay at home. Do something. I know that some people are not financially well of to come to the gym every day. But you could go outside and workout. Even our mothers were very active but this generation is different and we need to go out.”