MTCC Launches Mini Bus Services in Male’ City

MV+ News Desk | September 5, 2022

Today, MTCC has commenced mini bus service in Male’ City. MTCC has informed that there are three bus routes inside the city.

 For the first two weeks, the mini bus service fare will be free for commuters.

After two weeks are over, commuters will be charged MVR 7.

The mini bus route operates from the Ameenee route, the Sosun route, and the Orchid route.

Throughout the city, 18 buses will operate with 40 bus stops for 20 passengers.

The mini buses for people with disabilities will have 22 seats.

The mini bus will be free of charge for people over the age of 65, school children in uniform, children under the age of three, and people with disabilities.

A bus will arrive at the station every 10 – 15 minutes.

The mini bus transportation is easily accessible to everyone who resides in Male’ City.

Parents and school children were seen taking the bus this morning.

MTCC workers helps commuters with the routes.