The Streets of the Capital and the Ongoing Poor Conditions of Malé

MV+ News Desk | October 17, 2022

These photos were taken randomly on the streets of Malé.

The capital city of the Maldives has always had an issue with controlling floods and the current condition has gotten worse.

For the past week, the city has recorded heavy downpours and the drains in the streets of Malé has not been properly maintained for over 25 years. Whenever the streets are flooded due to the heavy rain, there are all sorts of junk in the drains.

With the slightest bit of rain, it disrupts transportation and the water rises a foot in many places.

In addition to this, flooding can cause an increase in waterborne disease, especially mosquitos.

Currently, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has informed people about the increase of dengue cases and to take extra precaution to prevent being infected with dengue fever.

Flooding is the leading natural disaster in the world and one of the major environmental challenges faced by many nations in the 21st century. In the tiny islands of the Maldives, for over 25 years, the draining system has been an ongoing issue.

Due to this unresolved problem, the narrow streets are filled with waste and trash. Waste management is another issue in the Maldives.

Due to the mismanagement of waste and trash, the Maldives is under the threat of many public health issues.

For the Maldives, adopting a sustainable waste management system is imperative to the country. It is not just an option, and with the poor conditions of flooding on the roads, it will be difficult to safeguard the country’s future.