The First Beauty Contest of the Maldives

MV+ News Desk | November 14, 2022

In 1953, as part of Republic Day celebrations, President Mohamed Amin Didi hosted the first beauty pageant of the Maldives.

The contest was divided into two categories; one category for younger women and the other for older ladies. Women from all over the country were said to have competed.

While the first category was dedicated to young women, the second category with older women was as popular as the former category.

Ramla Ahmed, an 18-year-old girl from HA. Baarah, won the pageant and was crowned the most beautiful woman in the Maldives. Ramla’s rewards included a special pen and medal from the British Ambassador to Maldives. The beauty pageant winner was pronounced dead only recently; in 2018 at the age of 83 years old.

The second and third-place winners of the pageant included Raamiza Ibrahim from Hathufushi and Aminath from A.Dh. Omadhoo, respectively.

Other winners, included Mariyam Ibrahim from HA. Hoarafushi, Zuleyha Aboobakuru, B. Maalhos, Naaila Hassan from A.Dh.Omadhoo and Sanpaafulhu, Th. Thimarafushi.

The women who participated in the beauty contest wore saris and dhigu hedhun (ދިގު ހެދުން).