Meet Aiminath Shamrath: Cash Flow Command at STO

MV+ News Desk | August 17, 2023

“In shaping the financial destiny of STO, I’ve seen the power of equal opportunity and the impact of valuing expertise over gender,” says Shamrath, the 32-year-old financial controller at State Trading Organization (STO).

Shamrath’s journey with STO, which started in 2010, has seen her traverse the breadth and depth of the company’s operations. With her in-depth understanding of the organisation, spanning corporate affairs, MD’s bureau, and media relations, to every single layer of the department of finance, she knows the company like the back of her hand.

Shamrath has steadily climbed the ladder at STO, to now lead as the Financial Controller. Her hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of STO’s core give her the expertise to make crucial decisions.

This inimitable journey through various sectors and roles has equipped her with a holistic understanding of the organisation, thus making her an invaluable asset to STO.

“I joined STO in June 2010 as a Corporate Officer, primarily focusing on media relations,” Shamrath recalls. By 2011, she was assisting the Company Secretariat, and in May 2012, she received the STO Scholarship for Finance and Accounting, specialising in taxation.

After her return in March 2015, she plunged into the core of finance, holding the position of Senior Officer – Financial Accountant till March 2022. “I assisted in preparing budgets, evaluating the feasibility of projects, managing budgeting, payments, and accounts receivable,” she says.

In 2021, Shamrath stepped up as the Treasurer before being appointed the Financial Controller by the end of 2022. Concurrently, her skills have been recognised in directorship roles at MIFCO, Maldive Gas, FSM, and MSE/MSD.

As the newly appointed Financial Controller, Shamrath indicates the importance of leveraging the latest technology and implementing robust policies to maintain the company’s financial stability.

When asked about keeping abreast of the latest financial regulations and industry trends, Shamrath comments, “It’s a combination of company training, personal experience, books, newsletters from authorities, and international news.”

“Adapting to the latest technology and advancements is vital, especially considering the drastic changes prompted by the pandemic,” Shamrath states when asked about the key components of an effective financial control framework.

“STO has strong policies and procedures across the company,” she adds, emphasising the annual review and adaptation to the changing environment.

Despite the inherent stress of the finance field, Shamrath believes that STO’s policies and flexibility make it manageable. More importantly, as a female leader in finance, Shamrath advocates for gender equity.

“I aim to educate young minds on what I’ve learned both abroad and here, through my experiences,” she reflects.

With an approach rooted in adaptability, policy strength, and an open door for mentorship, Aiminath Shamrath leads with a forward-thinking attitude, making her a compelling figure in the world of finance at STO.

In partnership with State Trading Organisation (STO)