Heavy Rainfall and Thunderstorms Bring Male’ to a Standstill Amidst Weather Crisis in the Maldives

MV+ News Desk | December 31, 2023

In the capital city of Male’, heavy rains are wreaking havoc, causing flooding in various areas. The Maldives Meteorology Service (MMS) recently issued a White Alert for the entire country, signaling the onset of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

This alert has heightened concerns across the nation, with particular focus on specific atolls, including a Yellow Alert from Noonu Atoll to Laamu Atoll.

The issuance of a White Alert by the Maldives Meteorology Service serves as a precursor to potentially adverse weather conditions. The alert, issued in the early hours of the morning, sent a clear signal to residents and authorities to be prepared for heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The gravity of the situation became more apparent as the city of Male’ began grappling with the consequences of the downpour.

For Noonu Atoll to Laamu Atoll, a Yellow Alert was specifically issued from 13:00 to 17:00hrs. This alert comes with a stern warning about torrential rain and thunderstorms, accompanied by gusts of wind reaching up to 45mph. The specificity of this alert underscores the need for heightened vigilance in these regions during the specified timeframe.

Male’s infrastructure, particularly its roads, bore the brunt of the relentless rain. Flooding became a prominent issue, affecting daily commutes and disrupting the normal flow of life in the capital. Roads that were once busy with vehicular and pedestrian traffic now stand submerged, presenting significant challenges to both residents and authorities.

In the face of this weather-related crisis, local authorities are working to mitigate the impact in the country. Emergency response teams have been deployed to assist individuals, while pumps and drainage systems are being utilized to manage the excess water. The coordinated efforts of various agencies reflect the urgency with which the situation is being addressed.

The issuance of alerts by the Maldives Meteorology Service underscores the importance of community awareness and preparedness. Residents are urged to stay informed about weather updates and adhere to safety guidelines during such adverse conditions.

Additionally, initiatives promoting responsible waste disposal and drainage maintenance are crucial in preventing future instances of flooding.

Male’s roads grapple with flooding as heavy rain and thunderstorms continue to batter the city. The alerts issued by the Maldives Meteorology Service serve as crucial early warnings, emphasizing the need for community preparedness in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.