Meet Zeek, A Teenage Artist Capturing Emotions on Paper

MV+ News Desk | January 29, 2024

“I would say I’m introverted, but I’m bubbly when you get to know me. My art has really helped me connect with people and make friends,” says 16-year old artist, Zeek Azoor Ahmed. This is a dichotomy that perhaps many can relate to. 

It is commonly said that eyes are windows into the soul – something Zeek’s hand-drawn portraits heavily focus on. “Eyes can show a lot of emotion,” the teenager adds. “When I draw, it helps me to process and express my feelings.”

She points to a drawing of a woman’s captivating gaze. “I wanted to base my O’level art portfolio on the theme of emotions.” Zeek says, adding that her art teacher didn’t approve at first. He was convinced soon enough, however, once she quickly whipped up the portrait infront of him. 

The Dharumavantha school student has been drawing since she was in the 2nd grade, finding inspiration from her mother’s artworks.

“My mom is a really creative person too. Growing up, I saw her paintings and sculptures and I felt inspired to create my own art,” she says.

Zeek describes herself as an artistic soul. From cooking and photography to arts and crafts, she enjoys all things creative, considering it a pathway to express herself. 

Mostly creating watercolor and black and white pencil art, Zeek says she prefers the immersive experience of creating hand-drawn artworks over digital art.

“Digital art doesnt give me the same feeling as pencil drawing or watercolor painting. It feels too detached.”

Someday, Zeek wants to venture into fashion design. She explains that fashion design sketches include a lot of detail and colors – an intriguing challenge for any artist.