Jeeza Khaleel: Spearheading Medical Services in the Maldives

MV+ News Desk | March 27, 2024

Jeeza Khaleel has been an integral part of STO Medical Services and Pharmacy Management since 2010. From her initial role as a pharmacist to her current position as a Manager overseeing multiple pharmacies in the Northern region, Jeeza’s journey in the medical industry has seen colorful and fulfilling moments.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work in various areas within Medical Services,” she says, “but one of the most memorable engagements was the ‘all island pharmacy project’” – a nation-wide pharmacy initiative aimed at ensuring healthcare accessibility to every island in the Maldives.

Jeeza’s journey at STO Medical Services reflects her unwavering passion for the field. “Medicals have always been my passion,” she shares. “I was drawn to STO because of its diverse portfolio in medical-related areas, aligning with my aspirations to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector of the Maldives.”

In her managerial role, Jeeza’s responsibilities extend beyond the day-to-day operations of multiple pharmacies. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining close relations with stakeholders and her team to ensure the smooth functioning of the operation.

“I closely monitor business activities and collaborate with hospitals, health centers, and councils to identify the requirements and demand for medicines and medical consumables,” she explains. “My goal is to ensure a steady supply, particularly for critical illnesses where access to medication is paramount.”

When asked about the essential qualities for excelling in a managerial role within the medical industry, Jeeza emphasizes patience, empathy, industry knowledge and best practices. “Maintaining good relations and understanding our differences are crucial,” she asserts.

“We’re all working towards the same goal of serving the community. Additionally, a solid understanding of pharmaceuticals, especially in the context of our nation, is essential for effective decision-making.”

Challenges abound in the pharmaceutical industry of the Maldives, notably the difficulty in procuring some medicines due to the country’s small population. Jeeza highlights STO’s proactive approach in directly engaging with suppliers and forming agreements to streamline the import process while adhering to regulations. Collaboration with the government for bulk procurement initiatives demonstrates STO’s commitment to overcoming industry challenges, she adds.

As such, quality assurance remains paramount for Jeeza and STO Medical Services. “Safety and well-being are our top priorities,” she affirms. “We never compromise on the quality of medicines we import, continuously striving to uphold the highest standards.”
Reflecting on her accomplishments, Jeeza takes pride in her contributions to STO Medical Services.

“I have given my all in every area I’ve had the opportunity to work in. Specifically in the Planning, Sales and Marketing areas where I strived to bring significant changes to streamline the work and maximise efficiency.”