Fab Art Show 2024 Celebrates Women in Art | MV+ People

In a captivating display of talent and creativity, the Fab Art Show 2024 is showcasing the artwork of 17 unique women artists from the Maldives. Officially opened to the public yesterday, the exhibition will be held at the National Art Gallery until 8th March.

The exhibition was intentionally set to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8th, to honour the extraordinary role of women artists in our society today.

Mary Halym, The Botanical Artist

Mary Halym, one of the organisers of the exhibition, is among the featured artists at the Fabulous Art Show 2024. A self-taught botanical artist, Mary explains the exhibition was an idea between a group of friends who shared a love for art  “We decided to hold an exhibition in celebration of women’s day. So we approached Afu to curate our exhibition because he has experience with other exhibitions such as unveiling visions. We chose to showcase a total of 17 female artists who have carved a name for themselves in the Maldives art scene.”

Abudy’s Fine Thread Art

Among these notable artists include Aminath Shihana, fondly known as Abudy. She brings her childhood fascination with arts and crafts to the forefront with her home decorations and thread paintings. As the Founder and Designer of ‘Abudy Maldives’, she has transformed her passion into a successful business venture.

Speaking about the inspiration behind one of her pieces, Abudy reveals “Since this exhibition is being held in connection to International Women’s Day, I thought of creating a portrait of the strongest person I know – my mother.”

Maisha’s Art of Motherhood

Other art pieces at the exhibition also explored themes of motherhood, such as the installation by Maisha Yoosuf. A graphic designer and illustrator, Maisha’s art finds inspiration in local life, flora, and fauna, infusing her vibrant digital works with elements of womanhood and unity. These concepts were seen in her installation made in the shape of a baby-mobile, and made with commissioned macrame components by fellow artist Macra Mama.  

“It represents two truths existing at the same time. For example, happiness and sadness. The feelings of being grateful and exhausted (as a mother) can co-exist at the same time.” Maisha shares.

Nifaya’s Perspective Of An Evolving City 

For Aishath Nifaya, the exhibition was an opportunity to capture the evolving cityscape of Male City through the medium of watercolors. Describing her motivation behind her pieces, Nifa explains, “I wanted to create pieces that showcase the evolution of Male’ – how it has changed over time. I also wanted to explore colours and create something vibrant. One of my pieces is a collage of aged, worn-out doors of Male City – I think it shows a lot of character”

Aima’s Self-Discovery Through Art

Another featured artist, Aima Musthafa, explored themes of identity and self-discovery in the art pieces she displayed at the exhibition. “These paintings are a part of my personal journey to realise who I am at the moment. It shows how I go through different feelings and emotions – It’s a really cathartic piece.” 

Visitors at the Fabulous Art Show 2024 can expect to find a kaleidoscope of creativity, celebrating not only the artistic prowess of these featured women artists but also the resilience and ingenuity that drives their craft forward. As the voices of women continue to grow, exhibitions such as the Fabulous Art Show 2024 serve as a reminder of the transformative power of art to amplify diverse perspectives.