Rifgaa, the Jewelry Maker

MV Plus | September 7, 2021

Rifgaa Naaz Athif, 27 year old mother of two toddlers, started making jewelries by hand during the last year of her marketing degree.

She started Dreamers Maldives because she wanted to start her own business rather than going to a job. She mentioned that this is something anyone can do, even if they are taking care of kids at home, as these businesses are done online and the products can be made in your free time at home.

Rifgaa highlighted the support she gets from her family and friends, noting that her family, especially her sisters, helps out with making the products, packing orders and delivering them.

She said that at first customers were reluctant to buy locally made products as they did not believe that the product would be of good quality, but in time, many now believe otherwise. Rifgaa said that the biggest issue she faces is having to import all the raw materials she needs to make her products. She also noted that a lot of work has to be done to sustain in this competitive market.

Rifgaa expressed her gratitude towards Authentic Maldives and said that Dreamers Maldives got their biggest success through Authentic Maldives. She mentioned that selling the products in their shops is a big opportunity for new local businesses and it can help increase the number of customers.

She highlighted the importance of a person’s unique perspective and creativity to stand out in this competitive market and she also noted that consistently maintaining quality is one of the most important things for a new business.

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